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Although WhatsApp was developed as a messaging service that functioned as a simple chat, the truth is that thanks to its sudden and accelerated success, this application was changing through its versions and updates to the point of resembling a social network thanks to the multiple functions it integrates. But that’s not all, because WhatsApp … Read more

WhatsApp Plus Holo


One of the most sought-after versions of WhatsApp Plus on the web because of its style, similar to Android’s “Holo” interface (an interface that represents hologram designs), is WhatsApp Plus Holo. But… What is WhatsApp Plus Holo? Among the most recognized applications by XDA developers is WhatsApp Plus Holo, which aims to customize the world’s … Read more

Download WhatsApp for PC


Just under two decades ago, instant messaging began to spread across the globe, and since then a large number of services and modifications have appeared. However, none has reached the popularity of WhatsApp as this application is very easy to use and very versatile. For this reason, this messaging service has become a very important … Read more

Download WhatsApp Recovery


This tool will allow you to recover WhatsApp messages on your smartphone that have been deleted suddenly or simply by mistake. WhatsApp Recovery makes it easy and fast to recover these messages.

It is an application that can be synchronized in the history, and very easily moved to conversations from one side to the other. This allows you to move videos, images and any type of media file.

With the scanning of the mobile device, you only need to connect to your PC to perform the specific operation, so that the entire history is displayed on the screen, to retrieve WhatsApp conversations.


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