Download NEWhatsApp [Latest Version]

No doubt we all know the popular WhatsApp MODs such as WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp.

However, among the 1.5 billion users who enjoy WhatsApp, every day they also find other alternatives that are not left behind at all, one of them is NEWhasApp.

If you want to know more about this WhatsApp MOD, read on and find out!


NEWhatsApp: A pink edition

The main feature that we will find with NEWhatsApp and we will see at first sight, is the color of the interface. This version, like most, is based on the official WhatsApp application and has been modified to add new features.

Although some users may find it risky to download and install NEWhatsApp due to security issues, there is no need to worry since among the community of users who have installed this version they have not had any problem.

NEWhatsApp Features

In addition to the pink interface, the following features are also available on the NEWhatsApp:


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  • Greater state privacy.
  • Change graphic interface or themes, font size and type, ticks, etc.
  • Copy the statuses of your contacts.
  • Activate greater security of chats with passwords.
  • Download stories and statuses from your contacts.
  • Send larger files.
  • Hide “Typing” message.
  • Delete any message within 7 minutes

Download and install NEWhatsApp

Here you can download the latest version of NEWhatsApp, we are talking specifically about version 7.05 last updated on December 23, 2019.

As in other MODs, it is recommended to make a copy of your conversations and then install the APK file, it is important to note that you must have Android 2.3 or higher and have activated the option “Unknown origins” within settings and applications.

That’s all… What are you waiting for to enjoy NEWhatsApp?