Download NOWhatsApp [Latest Version]

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world, although there has been some debate lately as to whether it is the best one with a rival such as Telegram, mainly because of its features.

Because of this, users miss having new features, especially in the area of personalization and privacy.

Although there are some who conform and use the classic version of WhatsApp to chat, others choose to download a MOD; where you can find different alternatives like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp (here), or the one we will see next, NOWhatsApp.

download nowhatsapp

NOWhatsApp: New features and more

This MOD is developed using WhatsApp Plus as a base and must be downloaded by APK format, since it is from an unauthorized developer we will not find it in Google Play Store.

It should also be noted that before installing this MOD, official WhatsApp Messenger should be uninstalled to avoid problems.

Among the features and functions of NOWhatsApp, we can find the following:

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  • More camera and microphone options.
  • Customization of interface, themes and new icons.
  • Extended management of chats, calls and contacts.
  • More user functions.
  • More user privacy options.
  • Other new user functions.

Download NOWhatsApp

No doubt, this is a highly recommended MOD, which you can download for free below.

Before installing the APK file, you must activate the “Unknown Sources” option under “Settings” and “Applications”.