NSWhatsApp 3D | Download Latest Android Version

The fact that WhatsApp is the instant messaging application with the largest number of users does not necessarily mean that it is the one that offers us the best options.

However, as different modifications of WhatsApp have come to light over the last few years, we can continue to use it with all the advantages offered by MODs.

Today we want you to get to know NSWhatsApp 3D, one of the most interesting modifications at the moment. Unlike WhatsApp Plus, the developer of this MOD has not considered it convenient to add certain functions, but its 3D style makes it really eye-catching. Why? Because it allows us to use other extra functions such as automatic message answering or the multi-chat option.


Main features of NSWhatsApp 3D for Android

As you know, MODs enable a series of functions that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp, and although they do not make a big difference in the operation of this app, they do provide some improvement in some aspects.

Let’s see what NSWhatsApp 3D offers us in its version for Android:


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  • Customization of the interface with new styles of ticks, notification bars, conversation bubbles, icons, etc.
  • New options for group administration.
  • Support for downloading new WhatsApp themes.
  • Messages with automatic response when you are not available.
  • Option to add stickers from the list of recent items.
  • Improvement in the design of some emoticons.
  • Advanced privacy to hide status, connection time or deactivate the double check without having to renounce to see the other users’.

Not bad at all, is it? Especially if we take into account that the last update has been released basically to solve the problem of expiration in the app.

How to install NSWhatsApp

To install this MOD just follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to back up your conversations and WhatsApp files.
  2. Now uninstall the official application from the application manager under “Settings” and then activate the option “Unknown sources”.
  3. To download the MOD go to the NSWhatsApp 3D download links below and download the APK on your device.
  4. Once you have downloaded it, go to the download folder and click on the file to give way to the installation.
  5. Once it’s complete, all you have to do is register your phone number and restore your conversations.

Download NSWhatsApp 3D | Latest Android version

Here are the links to download the latest version of NSWhatsApp 3D 2020.

What’s New in NSWhatsApp 3D Latest Upgrade

In the latest version 6.85 of NSWhatsApp 3D we can find all the functions already mentioned, in addition to others that appear with the update of this MOD. Among them we can find the elimination of forwarding tags, the function of sliding to be able to respond quickly or the new @ icon of mention when we have been named in a group.

Still haven’t tried the latest version of NSWhatsApp 3D? Now, with the new update you can enjoy all these options in a flash, follow the steps to download and you’ll see it’s worth it …

See you next time!