WAMOD 2.0 – Among the Best WhatsApp Mods

Are you a lover of WhatsApp modifications? If so, today we have for you one of the best news we could give you. WAMOD 2.0 has arrived, better known as WhatsAppMD, but this time with more features and some customization extras.

Brian Valente, the developer of WAMOD, stopped supporting his application some time ago; we still don’t know if it’s due to pressure from WhatsApp, lack of motivation or just boredom.

The fact is that he has decided to give this wonderful WhatsApp MOD another chance, and we have to say that the first catches are more than hopeful.


To the king what is of the king… And we can’t forget that the creator of this app was once able to make reality what many thought was impossible in terms of modifications. Let’s see how it paints the thing!

WAMOD 2.0 has arrived

A few days ago Brian started creating the new WAMOD 2.0, and as we have seen, he is giving a lot of importance to the famous WhatsApp states.


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It seems that from now on, these will be seen just above the main screen, so we can give the scroll button horizontally and click the contact we want to view.

Although it’s still an alpha version, and things can change a lot more, we thought it was a fantastic and innovative design.

We can still take many more surprises, but to begin with it seems that everything looks very good.

Download WAMOD 2.0

Although the alpha version of WAMOD 2.0 still contains many errors, and the first thing you’ll see is a black square where you should get your photo in the state, or the failure of the photos to load, you can already download one of the best MODs we’ve seen.

If you want to try the new version of WAMOD click on the link below.

Finally, and as a recommendation, if you have never installed a modification, wait for the Beta version to come out; there you will be able to enjoy it as a little one… Tell us your experience!