Download WhatsApp Mix [Latest Version]

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most downloaded messaging application in the world, its number of users tells us everything, more than a billion people … 

That this app is the most used in some way also comes to say that it is the most complete, however, there are many independent programmers who have wanted to improve the original version with multiple variations.

Among so many variations of WhatsApp, better known as MODs, we find WhatsApp Mix, a quite complete app that offers a series of unique options that we will not find in any other application.


What’s so special about WhatsApp Mix?

The best thing about this MOD is that you can customize everything in WhatsApp, its strong point against other variations is the options that allows us to modify the graphic section.

With WhatsApp Mix we can change from the interface to other aspects that have to do with the privacy of the app. Each new version incorporates functions that extend the previous ones, and that are the ones that this APK file has from origin.


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Although the functions of this MOD are not going to change radically WhatsApp, you are going to find certain improvements that will make your user experience more enjoyable. Here’s what you’ll find when you download WhatsApp Mix.

Main features of WhatsApp Mix

We have prepared a list of the most outstanding features of WhatsApp Mix, and the benefits of downloading the latest version of this variation of the most famous instant messaging app in the world. Have a look! 

  • Interface customization: The biggest advantage of WhatsApp Mix is undoubtedly the customization of almost anything you want, color of chats, size of messages, fonts, color of bubbles, and so on.
  • Incognito chats: This MOD allows you to hide the chats you want without having to get rid of them.
  • Longer states: WhatsApp Mix allows you to extend your state up to 250 characters which is not bad at all, right?
  • Sending up to 90 images: No more sending just 10 photos in one sitting, now with WhatsApp you can send up to 90 photos in one go.
  • Last connection time: With this WhatsApp variation you will not only be able to remove your last connection time, but you will also be able to continue seeing your contacts’ connection time.
  • Copy states: If with the official app it was impossible for you to copy some text written by some of your friends, now with WhatsApp Mix you will be able to do this and many more things.
  • Deleting messages: With this app they won’t be able to delete the messages you receive, and if one of your contacts does, you will find a message that tells you when they did it and what message they tried to delete.
  • Hide message specifications: When you want to copy and forward a message you can hide the specifications such as the name, date or time it was sent to you. This is great!
  • Message translation: WhatsApp Mix brings with it the option of translating messages into different languages, a novelty…
  • Group message counter: Sometimes we don’t want to store as many messages on our device, especially when it comes to group messages. Now with this MOD you can measure how many messages you store, and delete them from time to time.
  • Hide online: This option is fantastic because you can talk to whoever you want without anyone noticing whether or not you are online.
  • Styles of different themes: If in the official app you think the topic is too simple, with WhatsApp Mix you can now customize it and choose from more than 50 curious topics.

As you can see, the result is an application with multiple possibilities for improvement, at least in terms of visual appearance. In addition, with each new update you will see new styles and icons, as well as other functions.

Download WhatsApp Mix

If you want to enjoy all these advantages download WhatsApp Mix, but don’t forget to remove the official application first and activate the “Unknown origins” option in the “Settings” of your device and in your “Applications”.

That’s it, but to make your job easier click on the link below and we’ll take you directly to the download of one of the best MODs of recent times. See you soon!