Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs | JTWhatsApp [Latest Version]

Today we are going to show you another WhatsApp modification that we are sure will leave you with your mouth open, it is WhatsApp Plus JiMODs, which has nothing to do with the also known WhatsApp Plus modification.

This app not only includes each and every feature of the official application, but also includes hundreds of options for both customization and privacy.

Next, we’re going to show you all the features of WhatsApp+ JiMODs… Pay attention!


Key Features of WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

To highlight the main features of this WhatsApp modification, also known as JTWhatsApp, we have created a list of the following:

  • No ads: As you know, in the vast majority of free apps in the world we have the disadvantage of ads, with WhatsApp + JiMODs you will not have this problem.
  • Image quality: Unlike with the original app, here the image quality increases considerably.
  • Upper upload limit: When sending files, whether music or video, you will see that the upload limit is higher than 16 Mb, even reaching 30 Mb.
  • Colorful: From the same application, you can customize anything that can change size or color, among many other things.
  • Copy and partial paste: Incredible, but true. With the new version, you can select only the part of the text you want to send and send it to as many people as you want at the same time.
  • Upload themes: You’ll have an integrated theme viewer, which you can download comfortably to apply the one you like best.
  • View status: Another eye-catching feature is that you can see the status while chatting.

But this is not all friends, and WhatsApp Plus JiMODs includes other features that we are sure you will find most interesting.


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This app contains an anti-banning function, supports calls, allows you to modify privacy by hiding the “last seen”, change emojis and preview photos without having to load them.

It’s great, isn’t it? But that’s not all either. In addition, sending images increases considerably from 10 to 90, allows us to increase the status from 140 to 250 characters, and the ability to identify between traditional messages and broadcast messages.

As if that wasn’t enough, in this WhatsApp modification they have added more support for files, from pdf, docs, txt, xlsx to ppt, rtf, vcard, pptx and zip.

Latest version and update of WhatsApp Plus JiMODS

If you have not yet downloaded this modified version of WhatsApp, we recommend you to opt for the latest version, WhatsApp Plus JiMODs 8.26.

This is undoubtedly the most important update so far, not only because it is the most current and includes all the features already mentioned, but also because they have corrected bugs that were noted in previous versions.

If you already have the previous version installed in your Android device, now you can update it in a simple way, simply download the same version that you already have installed and the APK as always.

Before updating, we recommend you to make a backup so as not to lose your conversations and files, go to your “Menu”, then to “Settings” and “Chat” and finally to “Backup”. Don’t forget to click on the save option. Remember that no modification of WhatsApp allows you to restore copies from Google Drive.

How to install WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

Here’s how to install WhatsApp Plus JiMODs. It doesn’t have much science, but you should follow these steps:

  1. Go either to WhatsApp, or to the modification you already have installed and back up as explained in the previous section.
  2. Uninstall the modification or WhatsApp in the number in which you plan to install the app.
  3. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus JiMODS, below we show you the download links.
  4. Don’t click “Restore”, just click “Accept” and “Continue”.
  5. Enter your phone number, accept the permissions and enter the code WhatsApp will send you.
  6. There may be an error in the previous step, if you don’t find the backup click “Skip” and then “Skip”.
  7. Now you will be able to restore your backup, then it will ask for your name and it will be done.

How to download WhatsApp Plus JiMods 8.26 (JTWhatsApp)

Currently there are three versions to download WhatsApp Plus JiMODs, the first is the package com.whatsapp that is used to install the app as the main number, and the other two that are used to install it as an extra number. Here are the download links:

What do you think about WhatsApp Plus JiMODs? Do you like another modified version of WhatsApp? You know what they say: For tastes colors…