Download WhatsApp Pro [Latest Version]

WhatsApp Pro has become one of the most eye-catching and popular modifications of WhatsApp, adding several features that were highly demanded by users of the original application and have not been added.

Thus, this MOD called WhatsApp Pro is seen as a good improvement, adding powerful and attractive features that work very well with the latest versions of Android, especially by adding new options for privacy, customization, encryption of different media, etc., which have made many users who are interested in downloading this application.

We all know WhatsApp and it is probably the instant messaging application that you use the most, as all your friends and family are likely to use it. However, this does not mean that it is the best alternative available, as applications such as Telegram or Line have many more customization options, only that because not many people use it, many people think twice before downloading them.


Sure, WhatsApp has many features that allow us to keep in touch in a very effective way, but as we mentioned before, it is not the best and it still lacks many options to be considered as the most complete or innovative.

That is why, many WhatsApp MODs have become fashionable and have gained popularity, as this way users can keep in touch with all their WhatsApp contacts while using an improved application.

The MODs are made on the original application, so it is a way to continue using this application, but improved, which is why the number of people interested in them continues to increase little by little.


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What is WhatsApp Pro?

As we have already mentioned, WhatsApp Pro is a MOD or fork of the original WhatsApp application, which has all the features of the original app and many other new options that have been added by the MOD developers.

This way, you will have more privacy and customization options, as well as several features that will enhance your experience when talking to your contacts.

WhatsApp Pro can be downloaded as an APK file, and then easily installed on most Android devices.

WhatsApp Pro Key Features

Some of the main features of WhatsApp Pro include the following:

  • Application blocking by pattern.
  • Anti-ban with Android 8 and 9 support.
  • Multiple color options for the background of the stories.
  • Hide stories.
  • Hide call conferences.
  • Hide the icon to call user.
  • Read deleted messages or status.
  • Firewall to disable Internet access to the application.
  • Send uncompressed images.
  • Dark mode.
  • Chatting with someone without saving their number.
  • Change the launcher icon.
  • Increased the size of the files that can be sent.

As you can see, there are really many new features that have been added in WhatsApp Pro, this is one of the main reasons why the application is so popular, and it has gained a good number of downloads from users interested in improving their experience when using WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp Pro safe to download?

This may depend on which page you download the file from, so it is best to download from a page you trust.

Also, to be on the safe side, once you have downloaded the APK file, the best thing you can do is scan it with an antivirus, even with TrustGo Ad Detector App and another application that helps you make sure the application has not been compromised.

Download WhatsApp Pro for Android

Below is the link to download the latest version of WhatsApp Pro.

Is WhatsApp Pro safe to use?

In addition to the security of the download, you may be wondering if it is safe to use, since it is a modified version of the original WA application, especially since messages cannot be sent from the official WhatsApp LLC servers on Facebook.

However, many users still say that it is a fairly secure application, as the vast majority of WhatsApp MODs add certain privacy features to enhance the user experience, so there should be no complications here.

Before finishing, we want you to take into account that the use of this type of applications is against Whatsapp policies, so you should use this application carefully and having clear that there may be some risk when using it, so you should use it at your own risk and having clear that it is an unofficial application.