Download WhatsAppX [Latest Version]

Within the world of MODs of the WhatsApp messaging application, one of the best known is Soula WhatsApp, which like most MODs offers more features than the original application.

The same developers of Soula have created a much lighter version, we talk about WhatsAppX.

Besides being able to chat as usual, send files and more, this MOD adds the same functions that can be found in other similar MODs.

download whatsappx

But it should be noted that we will not find more customization options such as fonts or themes available, as may be the case in GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp or the Soula WhatsApp itself, as this time we are talking about a much lighter version.

WhatsAppX main features

WhatsAppX or WAX as it is also known, offers the following features and functions, in addition to the classic ones of the official application:

  • Chat with the number only, no need to add them to your contacts.
  • Anti-delete option.
  • Deactivate the forwarding label, hide status or blue check.
  • Copy contact statuses.
  • Private reply in groups.
  • Extra privacy features, freeze last connection time.

As with all MODs, you may run the risk of being banned, due to the policy of banning users who use this type of application. But it is an application that manages to work without any problem.

download whatsappx apk

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Download WhatsAppX

To install WhatsAppX for free, you must have Android 4.0.3 or higher operating system and activate the “Unknown Sources” features under “Settings” and then “Applications”.

Don’t wait any longer and try WhatsAppX!