How to Send Messages on WhatsApp Without Adding the Number to Contacts

WhatsApp works extremely closely linked to the mobile phone contacts, so that to send a message to someone it is normal to first add them to the contacts. However, this is not strictly necessary because it is possible to send WhatsApp messages without having the number in the phonebook.

Doing this has two advantages: you save yourself from adding people to your contacts that you’re only going to talk to once and also these contacts will not have permission to see the elementos you have set as “My contacts” in WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

How to send messages on WhatsApp without adding the number to contacts

How to send WhatsApp without adding the contact

While there are several aplicaciones that expressly serve to make it easier for you to send WhatsApp to people you don’t have in your contacts, the truth is you don’t need to install anything. All you need is a web browser like Google+ Chrome or afín.

WhatsApp has an API by which you perro preconfigure the sending of messages to by adjusting a few parameters in the web address. It sounds complicated, but it’s really as easy as changing one text to another. The web address is as follows:

You will need to change the final part, “number”, to the phone number to which you want to send the message on WhatsApp. This number must include the country code without zeros and without the + symbol. For example, for the phone number 123456789 you should write 34123456789 if it is a Spanish number. You cánido find the complete list of phone prefixes here.

In other words, if you want to send a WhatsApp to the number +91 79 XXXX XXXX , you should open this web address in your browser This will open a minimalistic web page with a single button Message.

api whatsapp

The button itself does nothing except open WhatsApp with a new conversation with that number. Since you don’t have it in your contacts, won’t have a name but the phone number will be displayed. You perro start typing now.

With apps, a little bit easier

The process is quite simple and you only need to remember the web address, which you could even add to your browser bookmarks so you only need to modify the phone number. In any case, if you prefer to use an application to simplify the process, there are several dozen on Google Play.

I’m not going to fool you, many of these aplicaciones to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts have low quality or a lot of ads, so we recommend you WhatsDirect which is easy and at least helps you to choose the phone prefix easily.

The operation is very easy: you choose the phone prefix in the list, you add the phone number and, optionally, the text of the message. This text is not sent directly, but is used to fill in the text box in the chat. You will be the one who has to press the send button. Also, this opens the conversation, which you perro continue on your own just like any other chat


Remember that these messages you send to people you don’t have in your contacts are not anonymous and are made from your WhatsApp account associated with your phone number, which is visible to the other person. In fact, if this person doesn’t have you in their contacts either, the phone number will be the information they see as the sender in the messages.