Why Doesn’t WhatsApp Web Work in Chrome?


It’s common that when you try to use the WhatsApp web feature in Chrome for PCs or laptops running Windows 8.1, you still see a screen that indicates that it wasn’t being detected, that you were using the Google Chrome browser. Even if you are using Goolge Chrome in its latest version, and all caches … Read more

The Latest Versions of WhatsApp


Since its launch a few years ago, WhatsApp has become one of the most recognized and used mobile applications on the planet; one of the most important reasons is that this messaging service regularly renews its system to offer a more efficient service to everyone who uses it. WhatsApp developers have been able to significantly … Read more

Download WhatsApp Business


Although WhatsApp was developed as a messaging service that functioned as a simple chat, the truth is that thanks to its sudden and accelerated success, this application was changing through its versions and updates to the point of resembling a social network thanks to the multiple functions it integrates. But that’s not all, because WhatsApp … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp


Today, the WhatsApp application has become one of the most widely used digital messaging services in the world, with over one billion users.

WhatsApp has an incredible amount of very different features, and it’s normal for people using this platform to have certain concerns in common.

For this reason, this article will present and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by users of WhatsApp, in order to help them better understand and understand some of the functions and features of the system, as well as to take full advantage of all the possibilities it offers.


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