How to Change the WhatsApp Icon on Your Mobile


It is normal that, over time, you want to customize the look and feel of some applications or features of your mobile device, from the colors of your phone to your favorite applications, such as WhatsApp and the icon found in the applications section. Changing the look of the WhatsApp icon is very simple, in … Read more

Download WhatsApp Pro [Latest Version]


WhatsApp Pro has become one of the most eye-catching and popular modifications of WhatsApp, adding several features that were highly demanded by users of the original application and have not been added. Thus, this MOD called WhatsApp Pro is seen as a good improvement, adding powerful and attractive features that work very well with the … Read more

How to Create a Virtual Number for WhatsApp


The most widely used mobile messaging application in the world, without a doubt, is WhatsApp. Billions of people make daily and continuous use of the application that is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp could be considered as the new era of communication. However, the availability of a mobile phone number, or not wanting to use one’s … Read more

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 7


WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used worldwide, and has conquered the most unthinkable numbers in downloads in the various mobile app stores. You might think that the only option to use Whatsapp is to have a smartphone, but since a couple of years the use of the message app in other devices has become … Read more