Servered – Spy on your WhatsApp Contacts

Do you want to know who is blocking you in WhatsApp or at what time does one of your contacts connect that does not have their connection time active? With Servered you can find out, as it can spy on your WhatsApp contacts.

Servered is an app you can use to spy on all your WhatsApp contacts, even those who have blocked or deleted you as a contact from their account in this important instant messaging application.

As you probably know, WhatsApp has options that allow you to disable double checking or hide the connection time, among other options that allow users to choose the information they want to show to their contacts. This allows them to choose the level of visibility they will have within WhatsApp.


Before going any further, it’s important to remember that this article is only intended to explain one more technique used to spy on WhatsApp contacts, so we won’t teach you how to manipulate or hack this application, or how to access the WhatsApp system illegally.

However, there are impatient and curious people who are not convinced by these options, especially if there is a real possibility of blocking them in WhatsApp, which closes the door if they want to communicate with others.


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Servered, an app designed to monitor WhatsApp contacts

The good news for these users is that a group of developers have answered their prayers, creating Servered, an application designed to monitor WhatsApp contacts, regardless of the level of privacy they have established in their accounts or if they have blocked you.

Servered is designed to send audio notifications each time the contacts selected to be monitored connect to WhatsApp, even if your account has the option to display the last connection disabled.

If any of your contacts have decided to block you in WhatsApp, Servered will let you find out who did it and when they connect to the app. Mention that you will not be able to write to the WhatsApp accounts that have blocked you.

Likewise, whether or not your WhatsApp contacts have activated the blue check, Servered will let you find out which of these contacts are connected or not actually logged into WhatsApp.

In order to use Servered, the app that allows you to spy and monitor your contacts in WhatsApp, you must have an Android mobile device, as Servered is only available for this operating system.

You need to know that this application is no longer available in the Google Play store, but you can still download the .apk file and install the app on your mobile device. Users who have mobile devices with other operating systems can only find out that they have been blocked by asking their contacts directly.

Video – How to spy on your WhatsApp contacts