The 40 Best Games to Send by WhatsApp to Your Friends

Some of the best games to send by WhatsApp to your friends are “Guess the movie“, “Guess the saying“, “Sing the song“, “4 images, 1 word” “Stop“, among others. Most of these games consist of using emoticons, audios, short vídeos or group dynamics with the aim of having a fun and enjoyable time among colleagues, family or friends. It is totally applicable in free moments when all members have the availability.

In these times of quarantine and popular distancing, games by applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram are a excellent iniciativa to bring people together even when they are not in the same country. All you need to have is a móvil and Internet access. If you want to entertain your friends by using fun dynamics, use one of the the 40 best games to send vía WhatsApp to be mentioned in this article.

Guess the TV series

Guessing games will always be a fun and dynamic option to play among several people. With Guess the televisión series, you will have the title of several well-known series, but they will be described with emojis. You cánido send it as an image to your friends or post it in your WhatsApp status so that several of your contacts perro find out each other’s names.

best games to send by whatsapp

In this image, the answers are:

  1. The Paper House.
  2. Doctor House.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. The prince of rap.
  5. Sex Education.
  6. Friends.
  7. Sabrina, the teenage witch.
  8. Dora the explorer.

Guess the saying

Guess the sayings to play on WhatsApp
The sayings are habitual sayings that are part of the culture of a particular area. If you like guessing, then this challenge will be interesting for you and your friends. All the sayings will be mentioned with emojis and each player will have to guess what the sayings are. In this case, the answers are as follows:

  1. A gift horse, you don’t look a gift horse in the teeth.
  2. Even if the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays.
  3. He who loves you well will make you cry.
  4. A tooth is to be valued much more highly than a diamond.
  5. Shrimp that sleeps, the current carries it away.
  6. Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel.

Guess the movie

Guess the movie to play on WhatsApp
Now, you must observe the emojis very well to identify what is the name of the movie that is described with these emoticons. The game procedure is the same as explained above. As soon as a person knows the title of the movie, he/she must say the title of the movie to discard the options. The answers in the image are the ones that will be written below:

  1. Life of PI.
  2. Tiana and the frog.
  3. 500 Days with Summer.
  4. Psycho.
  5. Brokeback Mountain.
  6. Pearl Harborl.
  7. Angels and demons.
  8. Thor.
  9. Blood Diamonds.
  10. Planet of the apes.
  11. Ted.
  12. Kung fu panda.
  13. The devil wears fashion.
  14. The lord of the rings.
  15. The King’s Speech.
  16. Snakes on the plane.
  17. Night at the museum: The secret of the pharaoh.
  18. Apollo 13.
  19. A Clockwork Orange.
  20. Edward Scissorhands

Guess the character

In this game you perro test all your creativity. The game consists of imitate a character whether it’s a singer, actress, entertainer, model, among others. You cánido use photos, voice memos, videos, GIFs, and more or other formats to make the game more dynamic. The person who guesses the most cánido win a prize agreed upon by all the jugadores.

What would happen if..

The game consists of describing hypothetical and somewhat extreme situations to find out the reaction people’s reactions. One person perro ask the question and the others respond as they read. The more fun it is, the better for everyone. For example: What if you were told that your whole life has been a simulation?

Truth or Dare

The typical game in which jugadores choose between answering a truth or performing a challenge not to answer. The fun thing about “Truth or Dare” is that you cánido set virtual dares that everyone cánido watch and check out like taking a picture with a wig, making a video call with makeup, sending a voice note to a neighbor making the sound of a dinosaur, among others The more creative the challenge, the more fun for the group.

I’m more of a..

This game consists of discovering how well you know your friends or vice versa. Put the template below in your status for your closest friends to answer the options they think are closest to you. If they do the same, you’ll be able to respond instantly. Then, let them know how many they got right and this way you will be able to evaluate how well they know you.

Find the different figure

Find the different figure to play on WhatsApp
Send a photo to a group of family or friends in which the members have to identify the figure that is different from all the others. With this you will test the visual ability of everyone who participates. On the Internet there are different images according to their degree of difficulty. Here is the challenge to find the cat hidden among the pigeons.

1 number, 1 question

Through your WhatsApp status, ask your contacts to choose a number at random (set a limit. Regarding the image that will be left, the range is from 1 to 33). According to the number you have chosen, will ask you a specific question that you will have to answer with complete sincerity. To continue the game, send the template to your friends and let them do the same with their contacts.

2 truths, 1 lie

“Two truths, one lie” is a pretty dynamic game that you perro play with many colleagues or friends. It is another way to find out how well people know you or how much they know about you. The game consists of say 3 statements, but one of them is a lie y jugadores will have to guess what the lie is. The iniciativa is that all statements should resemble something you did or would do to create doubt among the participants.

The last thing you..

This template you perro share it with your friends or family to continue playing and generating curiosity among people who read it Articulo this photo in your WhatsApp status or even on Instagram and tag three friends so that they also answer the questions left in the image. This way you will make a chain of several people.

Quarantine Check

There is no doubt that quarantine has boosted different activities within the household. Therefore, if you want to find a way to coif you want to share your new habits with your partners or contactsThis is a good initiative to highlight those things that you have learned or activities that you have done during this confinement.

Things that genera happiness

Happiness varies according to each person. If you want your friends and family to know these aspects of you, this is a template that you cánido share with them vía WhatsApp. Once you fill it out, ask them to fill it out too so you cánido know the top 5 things that make them happy.

Kiss, marry and kill

This is one of the most controversial games, but it’s quite fun if you play it with several people Kiss, Marry, Kill consists of picking three people and placing them each within an action. For example, you have Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Chris Evans, you have to decide who to kiss, who to marry and who to kill. You perro use famous characters or your own friends, so it will be more fun.


This game is usually done with a pencil and paper, but cánido be taken to digital format. “Stopconsists of naming different themes according to a randomly selected letter. The themes to answer are:

  • Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Object.
  • City, state, or country.
  • Color.
  • Animal.
  • Singer or actor.
  • STOP (Here the score obtained will be counted).

When the letter is chosen at random, all the participants will must fill in the fields with words beginning with the selected letter. If two or more players have the same word in a field, 50 points each. If there are no repetitions, 100 points. The person who completes all the themes must say “Stop” for the other jugadores to stop writing Whoever has the most points, wins.

What’s worse

If you like to compare extreme or a bit awkward situations, this game will be quite entertaining for you and your friends on WhatsApp. You can take a poll in order to identify which is worse. In this way, you will generate different questions by comparing various contextss, for example: Which is worse: Measuring half as much as you measure or weighing twice as much as you weigh?

Sing the song

If you love music, “Sing the song” is a game with which you perro have fun among several friends. The game consists of playing the seconds of a song and waiting for a participant to sing it correctly. As this dynamic will be by WhatsApp, it is best to use voice aprecies so that the sending is more immediate. All members cánido agree on a prize to make the game more entertaining.

4 images, 1 word

4 images 1 word to play on WhatsApp
As the name itself implies, all participants must make a collage or submit four images that is simplified into a single word. The other members have to guess which word it is. The person who guesses a large number of words cánido win a prize from all the contestants.

Creating stories

This is a game to develop the creativity and common sense of all the people who participate. It consists of to create a story together from a line. That is to say, each contestant will help the creation of the story by adding ideaswhich have to be simplified into one line. In this way, everyone will participate and create a quite funny and original story.

Things I would never do

Here you have another template in which you should select the things you would never do. If you send this design to several of your contacts, you will see how many actions they have in common and which ones differ from your thinking. If you articulo the template in the status, tell your friends to do it as well, or tag a person as a challenge.


Another fun way to play on WhatsApp through template response. In this case, it offers a bingo type template in which you will have to mark all the things you’ve done during a party. You can send it to your closest friends or tag them to make it and share it through that medium.

Top Travel

If you have a group of friends who like to travel and have done it frequently, this template will work to know what are the places with the best tourist experiences. You will also find out which city or country your friends like the most and if there is any overlap with your answers.

Netflix Series

What Netflix series have you watched to play on WhatsApp
During this quarantine, one of the best choices to make at home is watch a series or movie on Netflix. If you have this digital platform, you will know that it has a wide variety of training for all tastes and ages. Therefore, for share those Netflix series that you’ve watched during this confinementjust fill out this template and send it to your friends so they can do it too.

Find the 4 differences

Find the 4 differences. Game to send by WhatsApp
This is another visual skill game to quickly identify those distinguishable features between two images. On the Internet you will find many such images. Here will leave a picture to find the 4 differences.


This template model that you will see below will be for award you prizes for different categories. However, you cánido do this personally or to a friend. For example: You will give trophies for being very dramatic or for always being late for meetings. It all depends on what attributes stand out the most about you or your friends.

Song Tag

With this game you will share the songs you like the mostremind you of someone, make you happy, among others. It is a way to deliver a small playlist with several of your contacts. If you tag three friends who play this game, you will have a larger musical repertoire and you will know more about them through the songs they articulo.

Sucker Culture

Generally, chupistica culture is a drinking game among friends. However, it is also quite a fun dynamic to play on WhatsApp. The game consists of say a central theme and all players must respond to that theme. For example, the chupistic culture of Latin American countries such as Bolivia. The next player must say another country different from the one mentioned. Whoever repeats an answer or does not say it, must fulfill a challenge or a penance.

Battery challenge

According to the battery percentage of your contacts or friendsthey will be able to ask any questions stipulated in the image below. Once they answer you, you will have to send them this answer so that your friends perro see which question would correspond to you. The questions will then be displayed according to battery percentage:

    • 90% or more – Tell me the name of the person you like.
    • 80% or more – Tell me a secret.
    • 60% or more – Send the last 5 photos you have taken with your cell phone.
    • 40% or more – How do you feel about me?
    • 20% or more – What did you think of me when we first met?
    • 10% or more – Describe our relationship with the name of a movie.
    • 9% or less – Tell me a joke.

Guess the sentence

Guess the sentence is a game to send by WhatsApp to your friends friends with the aim of discover a phrase by the initial of each emoji. In other words, the sentence will be written with emojis, of which you must read the first letter in order to decipher what is the hidden message inside the image.

Guess the acronyms

This game is afín to the ones mentioned at the beginning of the article. The difference is that the sentences will be incomplete and the participants will have to complete them as logically as possible. If one of the participants makes a mistake, it is the turn of another friend to have a chance to say the corresponding sentence. The sentences to answer are:

  • 206 H in C.
  • 24 H in a D.
  • 7 D in a S.
  • 7 M of the M.
  • 5 D in an M.
  • 64 C in a ToA.
  • 12 S of the Z.

If I were..

In this game you will answer what month, animal, smell, emoji, etc., you would be according to your perspective. Send this template to a close friend to answer for you and see if they really know you. Likewise, you can do the same procedure with them for a fun and inolvidable dynamic.

Answers with emojis

The fun of this game is that you’ll answer the questions with emojis. Therefore, the answer will be quite graphic and immediate. Place each emoticon corresponding to the question asked by the template. For more interaction, send the template to your colleagues, friends or family and let them also respond according to their preferences.

How old are you

With this game you will study your memory and how many things you remember or have experienced up to the present day. You should only check those circles whose choices were part of your youth or childhood. For Millennials, this WhatsApp game is quite nostalgic, since it mentions various aspects that were experienced during childhood.

First Times

This quiz is about the first times or things you got in your life. First times are never forgotten and if you want to share them with your closest friends, send them this template and have them all answer it at the same time. Then, send them in a group that you have created on WhatsApp so that everyone cánido simultaneously read the answers of each member.

Favorite things

With this game you will have the possibility to play both personally and with other people. All 14 questions can be answered personally or by another person. With this template, you can also you will get to know your contacts a little better and evaluate how well you know your friends.

Move the pieces

Mathematical rompecabezas are also quite a dynamic and entertaining form of game that tests problem solving skills. In this case, all you have to do is move a matchstick or matchstick to make the equation come true. You have the option to do it all by yourself or send it through a WhatsApp group to get the solution faster.

What number is missing

In this game, you have to look at the numbers proposed in the problem and identify which is the number that would correspond to the given sequence. You perro send the image by WhatsApp or upload it to your status so that your contacts can try to solve the question. Consult your friends in case you need to. Two heads are better than one.

What’s the result

This game is a graphic and fun way to perform clearings and discover the value of an unknown. You must know the value of each object to calculate the final operation. If you like mathematical calculations, this game can be played on WhatsApp by posting it in a status or sending it directly to a group on the platform.

Complete the equation

In this game to send by WhatsApp all you have to do is complete the equation with the options available on the billiard balls. You must choose three options that add up to exactly 30. It cannot be in deficit or exceed the required result. Once you get the procedure, send the image to another friend as a challenge to complete with a time frame (this is optional).

Calculate the value of the figures

Calculate the value of the figures. Game to send by WhatsApp
The last game to be described in this article will be the calculation of the value of the figures in the following image. All these elements are part of an equation that yields a final result. To get this number, it is necessary to know how much each figure is worth. The exercise is simple and perro be done by deduction, but it is a good tool to play with children as well.

You have at your disposal a wide catalogue for send games by WhatsApp to your friends during this confinement or when you all have time available and want to amusingly entertain yourselves through this medium.