Download WAPWhatsApp [Last Version]

Although WhatsApp is the queen par excellence of instant messaging apps, many users think it could have more features than it already has.

The fact is that there are other applications that do incorporate them, but as these have a smaller number of followers, and is rare the user who does not use WhatsApp, for years we have been seeing different MODs that allow us to use the same WhatsApp, but with more advantages.

Currently we can opt for WhatsApp Plus, Wa Tweaks or FMWhatsApp, among a wide range of modifications that some Android programmers have been developing. The range of MODs is very extensive, but today the turn is WAPWhatsApp, the MOD that is characterized by dealing in greater detail with privacy and sending files.


Main features of WAPWhatsApp

The best thing about WAPWhatsApp is that it allows us to configure countless privacy options, such as hiding the time and date when copying a message and many more things.

Here are the features and functions of this MOD:


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  • Disable sharing limit for image and video size.
  • Four download versions with different features and enhancements.
  • Different user interfaces.
  • Extended privacy features.
  • More emojis.
  • Group message counter.
  • Ability to change the length and size of states.
  • No watermarks or advertisements.

As you can see, with all these features, what is being done is to improve the operation of the classic WhatsApp by introducing some improvements that give the user the possibility of managing both their messages and the interface in a more effective way.

Download versions

In WAPWhatsApp you will see four different versions of downloads, from the first one they made to the last one (16). Our recommendation is that you get the latest update, which is the one with the emoticons that already come in WhatsApp and those that we can also find in Google.

Don’t forget that, to install a WhatsApp modification you must first get rid of the official app, as well as any other MOD you have previously installed.

How to download WAPWhatsApp

WAPWhatsApp programmers have been updating this MOD by releasing new versions with other functions and improvements.

If you want to download the latest version you should know that you will have three different packages: The first two are to use this MOD as the main number, the difference is that one uses Google Sans Font Style and the other com.wap will be to use the app as the second number in WhatsApp.

If you’ve never installed a WhatsApp modification, don’t worry, we’ll explain how to get WAPWhatsApp easily.

Click on the following links and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that this MOD offers you, and which is not wasted. What are you waiting for?

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