How to Download WhatsApp on a Nokia Phone without Android

One of the oldest mobile phone brands on the market is Nokia, so much so that they now have quite old phones that people still use normally without having to opt for a more modern model.

For reasons like this, many people have looked and are still looking for ways to install WhatsApp on Nokia without having Android.

You may wonder why they do not have Android, as the answer is that Nokia has always opted for its own mobile operating system, thus avoiding entering the vast world of Android.


Through this article, we will show you how to install WhatsApp in Nokia without Android, which is very easy to do and thus can extend the life of your old phone.

Can you download WhatsApp to a Nokia device without having Android active?

Most of the Nokia mobile phones that have been on the market the longest, have included the Java operating system, which is one of the most used systems before the arrival of Android, and to this day there are many people who continue to use these devices.

The only requirement that is needed to install WhatsApp on your Nokia without Android, is an Internet connection, either through a Wifi network connection or simply using mobile data, and that the mobile has the Java operating system to install the application.


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How to download WhatsApp on a Nokia with Java operating system?

In order to install WhatsApp on Nokia with Java, you can either download the application from a computer or PC which is much easier, and then connect via a USB cable and transfer the downloaded file to the device; or if you wish, you can download it directly from your mobile and then install it.

Download WhatsApp on Nokia with Symbian operating system

The issue of using WhatsApp with Nokia and its older devices with Symbian has been hotly debated since Android came on the market. However, you should know that these older devices can use the app, even BlackBerrys.

There is a new version of WhatsApp for Nokia phones

Some believe that Nokia phones are a thing of the past, thinking that because they do not have the most used operating system, they will no longer have any support and update, but the reality is different, since recently Nokia phones have received a second wind.

Mobiles with Symbian operating system are the most benefited by these updates, as they will be able to download the WhatsApp 2.12.100 version exclusively for Nokia mobiles.

What are the Nokia operating systems where the new version of WhatsApp can be used?

The new version of WhatsApp for Nokia is designed mainly for the older models but, within them, they are the most modern ones. Specifically, in order to use it on your phone, you will need these operating systems:

  • Symbian 5th Edition.
  • Symbian Belle.
  • Symbian Anna,Symbian^3.
  • Nokia S60 3rd Edition.

Does the new version of WhatsApp for Nokia phones have innovative features?

If you are going to download this version of WhatsApp, version 2.12.100 for Nokia without Android, you should know that it does not have any new features that stand out.

We assume that some bugs have been fixed, that some security bugs have been fixed or that possibly some tweaks have been done to keep the use of the application in old mobiles like these.

If you have any doubts, our recommendation is that you go to the official website of the application (, so that you can make the download that is compatible with your mobile.

The best thing is to do it directly from your mobile, so that this task is much easier.