Frequently Asked Questions for WhatsApp

Today, the WhatsApp application has become one of the most widely used digital messaging services in the world, with over one billion users.

WhatsApp has an incredible amount of very different features, and it’s normal for people using this platform to have certain concerns in common.

For this reason, this article will present and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by users of WhatsApp, in order to help them better understand and understand some of the functions and features of the system, as well as to take full advantage of all the possibilities it offers.


Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp

How to set up a WhatsApp account?

This is a very common question among new users, fortunately this procedure is very simple and only needs to follow a series of steps, which will be indicated by the application after being downloaded and installed on the phone or mobile device.

Then, enter the mobile phone number and wait for the validation code to arrive.


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How do I send messages and other files to my contacts?

The first step is to make sure that the person you want to send any message, photo or voice memo to has a WhatsApp account, otherwise it will be impossible to communicate with them through this platform.

If the contact has the application on their phone, then it should only be searched through the magnifying glass icon on the top screen of the chat.

Then you have to select it by clicking on it, once inside the private chat you can write a text message and add as many emoticons as you want, in addition to sending a large number of files such as videos, pictures and voice memos.

How do I Update Whatsapp on my mobile device?

In the following tutorial: How to Update Whatsapp, it is explained step by step how to update the app for each operating system most used by users, such as Android, iOS

How to send images through this platform?

There are two different ways to carry out this procedure, the first one is to go directly to the image gallery and display the image menu to select the sharing option, when you choose this option all the applications installed on the device will appear, you must choose the WhatsApp application and specify a contact.

The other method to send an image through this messaging service is to do it directly through the chat, for this you only have to enter the chat and click on the camera icon and choose the option to send images from the gallery, then just select the image and send.

How do I know if a message has been sent, delivered or read?

There are three ways to check whether a message has been sent, delivered or read in WhatsApp. Each time a message is sent, check to see if a check mark appears at the bottom right of the message.

If a single figure appears, it means that the message has been sent, if a double appears, it means that the message has been delivered; and finally, if a double figure appears in blue, it means that the message has been read by the recipient.

What to do if an image does not load?

Note that the most common reason why images received through WhatsApp and other similar applications cannot be uploaded is because the device is not connected to the Internet, so you should check if it has mobile data or is connected to a Wifi network.

And that’s as far as we go! We hope that these questions for WhatsApp and their corresponding answers have helped you to clarify your doubts and now you can take full advantage of your favorite app.