Master Spy – The Dangerous App for Spying WhatsApp

Master Spy, is a malicious application created with the purpose of tracking a mobile number and collecting information from the smart mobile device, that is, it allows you to spy on any of our WhatsApp contacts.

However, it is recommended not to install it because it does not work; it is a real fraud that offers a lot of benefits and advantages, but during the installation process forces the user to subscribe to a paid service.

Surely the question now arises: Does Master Spy really work?, the honest answer is that this application does NOT work.


In the videos about the application that they show on their website, you can see that after entering a mobile phone number, you can have almost immediate access to the conversations that take place from that number.

However, we do not have access to the code to be able to confirm it accurately, but what is clear is that Master Spy is a scam, because downloading it requires a subscription.


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In this article, we will explain its main features and the reasons why it should not be downloaded.

Before going any further, it is important to remember that this article tries to give some information about an application which supposedly assures (in a doubtful way) that it can spy on WhatsApp; so we will not teach you how to manipulate or hack this application, nor how to access the WhatsApp system illegally.

Features offered by Master Spy

Master Spy offers unique features that stand out:

  • Ability to intercept calls and messages.
  • Discover blocking patterns of smart mobile devices.
  • Possibility of reading conversations from any mobile device.
  • Know the exact location of the device using GPS.
  • Discover WiFi keys.
  • Guarantees total anonymity.

This application, according to the features it offers, seems to have no limits. But, all this is a falsehood; in videos that can be found about Master Spy on YouTube, you can see that you can actually see the WhatsApp conversations.

This is impossible to do simply by entering a mobile number, even more so if no application or program has been installed on the mobile device.

This makes it very clear that Master Spy is a complete deception. Also, in the videos you can find comments from some users who say that Master Spy works; these comments may have been written by the same person, which would confirm that this is a scam.

There is also the possibility that they may have been written by third parties; what has been confirmed is that it is an application that requires a certain amount of money to be paid in order to download it, something that its sponsors do not comment on at any time.

This situation also applies to other similar applications that can be found on the Internet, such as Spy WhatsApp.

You must be very careful with this type of application, as it does not work and will only cause us to waste our time, money, and also possibly generate stress.

How Master Spy works

The creators of this application sell us the idea that to use Master Spy we only have to follow a few simple steps:


  • Download, supposedly free of charge, and install the Master Spy application or program.
  • Once installed, open the application and enter the mobile number and prefix of the contact you wish to spy on.
  • Click on the “Spy” option, and then select the options you want to know, such as WhatsApp; in a few moments it will open and you will see everything.

If accessing conversations via WhatsApp were as easy as that, i.e. by simply entering a mobile number, it would be logical to think that very few people or simply no one would use this instant messaging network.

So far, there is no application that allows you to access other users’ conversations in this way, and the biggest problem with Master Spy starts when you try to download.

Can I download Master Spy for free?

Here’s the crux of the matter, as it’s impossible to download this application without having to go through the checkout first.

Each and every one of the Master Spy links leads us to FilesFetcher, a page where you must register to download the supposed application.

The really dangerous thing happens in the next step, as you are asked to enter a payment method to continue with the download, since the application is only free for a trial period of 7 days.

If you read the fine print carefully, which we usually overlook, you will find that you are subscribing to something that can be very expensive.

This section explains that if you cancel your account during the 7-day free trial period, only the verification charges and your return will be reflected in the account that was used as your payment method.

If the account is not cancelled during the trial period, it will be automatically renewed as a premium account, whose monthly cost is 39.99 euros.

With this method used by the sponsors of Master Spy, we run the risk of being charged a large sum of money.

At no time do they report or make this point clear, which is a scam, because if you don’t read the fine print in detail you could lose a significant amount of money.

What do you think of Master Spy? Do you think he’s a fraud or not? From here, we hope that the information we have given you has been useful and that you will avoid future problems with applications of this type.