States for WhatsApp of Love

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular and widely used messaging services and mobile applications, especially for teens and young adults.

The app allows us to communicate no matter where we are with our friends or family, in a very fast way.

But this application not only allows us to send text messages to our contacts, it also allows us to send files such as voice messages, videos and images.


It also has some functions such as calls and video calls, which allow us to talk in real time with any of our contacts.

Thanks to its multiple functions and versatility, WhatsApp is a useful application for most people, even people who are in a romantic relationship and want to express their feelings to their partner, as they can send this service to send and share messages of love.

Another way in which lovers can demonstrate their love through this app is through the WhatsApp states of love, which are also fully customizable, allowing us to be very original in creating our message.


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Below we’ll show you some of the best love phrases used for WhatsApp messages and statuses.

Love phrases for WhatsApp

Sometimes we want to express our feelings to the person we love, but we don’t find the right words to tell them, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Fortunately, love phrases can be of great help because you will only have to paste them into your status or a message.

We leave you with a selection of the best:

  • You’re the first thing I think about when I get up and the only thing I think about when I go to sleep.
  • I miss you as much as a flower in the rain during the drought.
  • Thanks to you, I think my life is beautiful.
  • Of all the things I’ve lived through, none of them have been as charming as you have.
  • You are everything to me, I feel at your side that nothing is missing.
  • You’re the person who knows me best.
  • You’re like a star, because you’re full of light to my darkest nights.
  • My heartbeat sounds better when you’re with me.
  • My eyes betray my love for you, but my heartbeat confirms it.
  • I didn’t believe in the meaning of the word love before I met you.
  • You’re not worth it, you’re worth every minute of my existence.

Love states for WhatsApp

One of the best ways to get a message or any kind of information through WhatsApp using its states.

With these, we can make all of our contacts see our message in a subtle yet effective way, as many users see people’s stories and states very often.

Below, we’ll show you some of the most effective love states for WhatsApp to declare our feelings.

Remember that you can also add the name, nickname, or initials of the person you love in your WhatsApp state, so that that person feels completely identified with this detail.

  • The most beautiful thing in my life is a beautiful person.
  • Although distance does not allow us to kiss, it does not prevent us from loving each other.
  • Your only flaw is not waking up next to me every day.
  • Love is neither sought nor found, it is won.
  • You’re like music in another language, I can’t understand you but I like you very much.
  • Love is a form of madness that only some of us lucky enough know.
  • I will love you in this and the next life.
  • God is very wise because he created a madman for every madman in love.
  • I just realized you’re the missing piece in my heart.
  • I hate to spend time away from you, but I love kissing you intensely when I miss you.
  • So you’re determined to deny it, I know you love me.
  • I hope the day comes soon when you stop looking at me and start kissing me.
  • I love you because you’re the most beautiful thing in my life.
  • Even though you’re far away, I always carry you in my heart.It’s hard for me to put into words the feeling I get from hearing you say I love you.
  • I don’t care about the distance, I can never forget you.
  • Having you by my side is the dream I don’t want to wake up from.
  • Even though I love you are only two words, when you say them it becomes the most beautiful phrase in the universe.

Short love states

It is true that some of the best states of love are quite long, because they serve to explain in detail how much we love a person.


However, it is also true that a short and accurate message can be very helpful in expressing our feelings towards our partner.

Below we’ll show you some of the best short states WhatsApp has to show your love; it’s good to remember that these short sentences are also ideal to include in any of our messages, which will allow us to communicate our love in a much quicker and easier way.

  • The best thing that ever happened to me was knowing you.
  • Loving you is a pleasure.
  • You’re my whole world, the only thing that matters to me.
  • Your love is the most important thing to me.
  • When you showed up, you gave birth to my life.
  • Don’t worry, I just want to love you.
  • I can’t just have a friendship with you.
  • You’re not my better half, you’re the other half of my heart.
  • You’re the only one who knows how to love me.
  • The world wouldn’t be an important place without you.
  • You’re like a delicacy, unique and delicious.
  • I could never let your love escape.
  • Never doubt that you are everything to me.
  • There are millions of people in the world, but none like you.
  • Some things I would only do for you.

States to dedicate to your girlfriend

If you have a stable relationship, it is very important that you dedicate some states to your girlfriend, which serve to demonstrate through words how much you care.

This idea is also effective for other applications such as Facebook or Instagram, because our girlfriend will feel loved and valued. We leave you with some of the most interesting states:

  • Having you as a girlfriend has been my only wish, I love you.
  • I wouldn’t get tired of telling you everything I love you.
  • You are very unique motivation and my most important desire.
  • I was born again the same day I met you.
  • All I can ask is to have you by my side forever.
  • When I met you, the other women just didn’t exist anymore.
  • I knew you like everyone else, but I loved you like no one else.
  • I care about you more than my own life.
  • There’s nothing more beautiful than your look and your smile.
  • When kisses are needed, words are superfluous.
  • I could never forget the times we lived together.
  • Believe it or not, I can’t stop thinking about you for even a moment.
  • You’re the most important part of my life, I love you.
  • I’d like to kiss your beautiful lips every day when I wake up.
  • You’re the only one who owns my heart.
  • The day I met you, nobody told me I could fall in love with you so much.
  • I’m addicted to your kisses and caresses.
  • I’d be able to do anything foolish for you.
  • I’m not saying I love you out of commitment, but because it’s what I really feel.
  • I have no idea why I fell in love with you, but I’m glad it happened.

Funny love Phrases for WhatsApp

Remember that love phrases are important, but they don’t necessarily have to be serious, sometimes adding a touch of humor to our states or messages can be a great idea to express our feelings in a very original and simple way.

Below we show you some of the best states of funny love:

  • I can’t forget you since that day I lent you the money.
  • According to the most experienced professionals I should be in my bed.
  • He said he was dying to see me, I think it was true because he never showed up again.
  • If you want to know my dreams, then sleep with me.
  • You’re so sexy, you make all the water in my body evaporate.
  • I’d like to kiss you until it’s illegal.
  • It wasn’t the beer, it was you who stayed inside my head.
  • If you really love a person, let her sleep.
  • I think I love you so much, sometimes I don’t even know how I feel.
  • You make me freak out, especially when you hit me on the head.

How did you like these states for WhatsApp love? Did you like them? Let’s hope so.