Download WhatsApp for PC

Just under two decades ago, instant messaging began to spread across the globe, and since then a large number of services and modifications have appeared.

However, none has reached the popularity of WhatsApp as this application is very easy to use and very versatile. For this reason, this messaging service has become a very important part of today’s telecommunications.

It should be noted that WhatsApp currently has an incredible number of users, thanks to the fact that you only need to have a smartphone or mobile device to download this application completely free.


Although WhatsApp was originally developed for smartphones and other mobile devices, multiple versions of WhatsApp have been released to the market for a number of years and are compatible with different operating systems such as Windows and MAC. And that’s what we’re going to focus on today, downloading WhatsApp for PC.

How to download WhatsApp for PC?

Like installing WhatsApp on a mobile device, downloading this application to a computer is a very simple process, since you only need to follow a few steps to enjoy all the benefits that WhatsApp offers from a computer; best of all, this process is also very fast.


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The first step to use this messaging service from a computer is to download an Android emulator, some of the most recommended programs are NOX, YouWave and BlueStacks.

However, the latter is much more complete and has its own virtual store, but at the same time this emulator is heavier and takes up more memory.

After downloading and installing the Android emulator, the next step is to download the WhatsApp application directly to your PC. There are two methods to do this, the first is to do it through the default emulator browser and go directly to the.apk file page, and click on the automatic download option.

The second option is to use the Android virtual shop, Google Play, from your computer; in the case of NOX and BlueStacks they include this page, as they are full versions of this operating system. One of the most favorable aspects of this method is that the download and installation of the application will be done automatically.

Immediately after WhatsApp is finished installing, you must configure the application by entering the phone number you wish to use for the account.

However, it is important to know that you cannot use WhatsApp from a mobile phone and a computer at the same time, so you should use an unregistered number.

When the phone number is registered, the app will immediately activate the “Call me” option, so you must wait a few minutes until WhatsApp sends a three-digit code which you must enter in the computer to start enjoying all the options offered by the application.

If you don’t have a phone number, there is no need to worry, as there are some applications like FonYou, which work very well and allow the user to have very similar functions to those offered by WhatsApp; this program is also completely free.

Finally, you must add the contacts to be able to chat or send the files you want, depending on the Android emulator you are using you can add the contacts in different ways. However, the easiest and fastest way is to pass contacts directly from Gmail or iCloud.

To add your contacts in the above way, just add your Gmail or iCloud account to your Android emulator in the same way you would from a smartphone or mobile device, so just access settings and enable automatic synchronization.

How to update WhatsApp from a computer?

The process to update WhatsApp from a computer is even easier than downloading or installing this application, just a few easy steps.

To begin, you should log in to the Google Play store and check for updates to WhatsApp, if a new version of the system is available, just download it.

But if you don’t have the Android online store in the emulator, you must go to the main page of the .APK and download and install the update directly on your computer. This is why it is recommended to download Play Store to your computer, as this service is able to facilitate downloads and updates.

Differences between WhatsApp web and WhatsApp for computers

The main difference between the two services is that WhatsApp Web is an add-on service to WhatsApp which is completely online, so you don’t need to download it to your computer and you can use it from any computer. In addition, this service can be used regardless of whether you already have the application on your mobile phone.

A big advantage of the desktop version is that you only need to open it and it’s already working, whereas to use WhatsApp Web you need to scan a QR code, and if you lose the connection, you have to scan that code again, this can certainly be a bit annoying in the long run.

The computer version is more enjoyable to use as you can view it full screen on your PC and type faster with your keyboard.

And that’s as far as we go! What did you think of that? Do you want to download WhatsApp for PC? Or do you still prefer to use WhatsApp Web? Whatever your choice, we hope that you will always enjoy WhatsApp…