How to Find Out if Someone is Hiding their WhatsApp Status from Me

Ever since the instant messaging app WhatsApp included the theme of statuses in its platform, these have done nothing but innovate at the level of interaction and entertainment.

Their use has spread overwhelmingly due to the large amount of content that can be shared through them. But in some cases we perro notice that the publications of a contact are absent and we want to find out how to know if someone is hiding their WhatsApp status from me.

Among the various privacy options that this app allows you to adjust, is the option to hide our statuses to certain contacts. Have you ever wondered why you do not usually see the statuses of a specific person? Today you can learn how to identify when someone is hiding their statuses from you in WhatsApp quickly and easily.


Someone hides your statuses on WhatsApp

If you used to have fun and interact with the statuses of some of your contacts, but for some time now, this changed, surely your alarms will have jumped product of it. Sometimes, it is not for less, since it can become a situation that generates discomfort and uncertainty, especially when it comes to friends or even your partner. And it’s not easy to know if someone is hiding their WhatsApp status from me.

At the moment, WhatsApp does not offer a mechanism or some option through which we cánido realize this situation. Therefore, if we want to clear our doubts, we must avail ourselves of the least to try to verify our suspicions.

I can't see my contacts' whatsapp statuses

Unfortunately, if the person in question has adjusted the privacy of their statuses so that only you can’t see them, you’ll hardly be able to check them. The aplicación’s policies do not allow another user to know the settings.

The reasons why someone may deliberately escoge to prevent you from seeing their statusesthere’s a lot of them. That’s out of anyone’s hands. What is in your hands is to be able to identify in time the signs that suggest that someone is preventing you from seeing their statuses.

Why can’t I see the statuses of certain contacts anymore?

The reasons why you perro no longer see the statuses of certain contacts cánido be quite varied, ranging from the simple and logical to the unexpected. Most of the time, this is due to a sudden change in status privacy. However, that is not the only reason why this situation may be occurring. So we need to figure out how to find out if someone is hiding their WhatsApp status from me.

It may be the case that, the person about whom you are suspecting of hiding their statuses, simply has not uploaded new content to their stories. Perhaps, between his busy schedule and so on, he hasn’t had time for it, so in the first instance, you shouldn’t be alarmed at all.

Another possible case is that you have been blocked. If this is the reason why you cánido no longer see a person’s statuses, it won’t be too hard to check. Just open a chat with that person and see if they have a profile picture and the date of last active connection.

Additionally, try to write to them to see if your messages are received successfully. If this does not happen, it may be a clear indication that you have been blocked, which is why you perro no longer see their statuses.

The one who a person has removed you from their contacts is one more reason why you cánido’t see their statuses anymore. If you want to go a step further, you perro do a little digging among their group of friends. You perro ask one of them if they have been able to see the statuses of the person in question. This alone will irrevocably confirm your suspicions.

A status privacy change may also be what’s preventing you from seeing certain contacts’ statuses. If this person has decided to exclude you from the list of contacts who cánido see the content of their statuses, there is no direct way to verify this.

Ultimately there is the possibility that that person is not the holder of that telephone number. And that it has been deleted from the WhatsApp account. Again you can go to other contacts to verify the information and clear doubts.