Why Doesn’t WhatsApp Web Work in Chrome?

It’s common that when you try to use the WhatsApp web feature in Chrome for PCs or laptops running Windows 8.1, you still see a screen that indicates that it wasn’t being detected, that you were using the Google Chrome browser.

Even if you are using Goolge Chrome in its latest version, and all caches and cookies are deleted, why does this happen and why does WhatsApp Web not work properly in Chrome?

WhatsApp Web does not work in Chrome… How do you solve it?

Disable add-ons and extensions, a successful solution

In one of the tests, it was determined that an extension of Google Chrome was causing an interference, it was FirePHP, a tool widely used in web development.


What happens is that this extension modifies the headers sent to the website you want to access, in this case WhatsApp Web made you assume that the browser was not Chrome.

Once this add-on was deactivated, the application worked as planned. When this problem occurs on your computer, try selectively disabling the Google Chrome browser extensions to see if any of them have a negative impact, then try loading WhatsApp Web again and see how it works.


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How do I disable extensions in Google Chrome?

You can start the process in two ways, if you want you can type chrome: // extensions / in the browser’s address bar and go to step 3 (described below).

You can also do this by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Chrome menu located in the upper right corner of the screen; click on the Chrome Menu icon.
  • Step 2: Select the “More tools” option, then select “Extensions”; a list of all extensions will appear immediately.
  • Step 3: To deactivate any extension, simply uncheck the checkbox next to it; if you want to activate any extension, check the box.

For any user who encounters this problem, the one we have just described with FirePHP, you can easily fix it by locating the extension that is causing it and disabling it, as we have seen in the steps described.

From here we hope you can use WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome without any problem, and if you have it, we hope you can easily fix it.