Learn How to Read Messages in WhatsApp Without Opening the Chat

This year WhatsApp has a user registry of 1.5 billion users, and the vast majority do not want their contacts to know when their messages are read.

But, WhatsApp has the possibility for senders to be informed simultaneously if the sending of their message was received by the user to whom it was sent.

Today we’re going to see something different, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised. It is also very simple to carry out.


How to read WhatsApp messages without opening the chat?

When sending you can see a gray icon or check, and two gray “stripes” when the message is received on your phone, while two blue signals (double check blue), are perceived when they have already been read.

But to stop this report, so that a friend does not know that his message has been read, it can be done through a simple process.


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Deactivate, read, reactivate

The way to know if a message has been read is to get the user online; in other words, if their wifi or Internet data system is working.

So to read a message without the sender knowing when you have received the message notification, do the following:

  • Turn off your Internet connection.
  • Read the message.
  • Close WhatsApp.
  • Reactivate your Internet connection.

If you follow these steps, you can read the message, but your sender has not received the notification on his screen, and its icons (its “stripes”) continue to be gray, so you got what you wanted.

Increase your privacy

You can also read a message without opening it the conventional way, just by using and opening the notification window at the top of your mobile device’s screen.

However, you can also deactivate the reading receipts in your settings, located in the “privacy option”, just uncheck the box if you want to delete it definitively.

What did you think of that? Good, isn’t it? Now you know in a simple way how to read messages in WhatsApp without opening the chat.

It’s a fairly simple process and one that will surely serve you well at some point when you need to use it.