How to Find Out if Someone is Hiding their WhatsApp Status from Me


Ever since the instant messaging app WhatsApp included the theme of statuses in its platform, these have done nothing but innovate at the level of interaction and entertainment. Their use has spread overwhelmingly due to the large amount of content that can be shared through them. But in some cases we perro notice that the … Read more

Download WhatsApp Female


For all the ladies who are reading this article in search of a WhatsApp that suits your delicacy and beauty; you are at the right place. In this article we will teach you how to how to download WhatsApp Female so that you have that delicacy in your mobile aplicación. This kind of themes is … Read more

WhatsApp Plus Types


Here I present to you the different types of WhatsApp Agregado, which are a few mods of the official version of WhatsApp click on the name of each one to access their page and get to know them better. WhatsApp B58 TMWhatsApp GBWhatsApp MiNi CoocooWhatsApp NOWhatsApp KRWhatsApp WhatsApp Arab WhatsAppX BRIWhatsApp Abo2Sadam Whatsapp+ GBWhatsApp DELTA … Read more

The 40 Best Games to Send by WhatsApp to Your Friends

best games to send by whatsapp

Some of the best games to send by WhatsApp to your friends are “Guess the movie“, “Guess the saying“, “Sing the song“, “4 images, 1 word” “Stop“, among others. Most of these games consist of using emoticons, audios, short vídeos or group dynamics with the aim of having a fun and enjoyable time among colleagues, … Read more