Download WhatsApp Transparent [Latest Version]

If you are bored with the official version of WhatsApp and would like your instant messaging service to offer you the wallpaper that best suits your taste, try WhatsApp Transparent. It’s totally free and the download is immediate… Let’s go!

Surely you’ve tried or at least heard of other apps to send messages such as Telegram, LINE or Facebook Messenger, however, there is no one to take away the throne of our WhatsApp love.

Although it is true that in some features and functions is a little behind, the fact of being the messaging service with the largest number of users allows it to be number one in front of the competition.


In other articles we have talked about other WhatsaApp mods that offer a range of functions that the original application does not offer us. Today it’s WhatsApp Transparent’s turn, the mod that, unlike others, turns the interface into your own wallpaper, not the classic green and white interface.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?

WhatsApp Transparent is just one of many modifications to the original WhatsApp application. Who is it for? For those users who want an interface that suits their tastes.


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With this mod you can view a transparent background or configure it to show you the image you want.

Don’t think that because the main objective of this app is to change your interface you will deprive yourself of other options… Nothing to see! With WhatsApp Transparent you can also make use of a wide range of emoticons and emojis to make your conversations more fun and dynamic.

Other mods can make your phone work more slowed down by the large number of features of WhatsApp, quite the opposite to this application that we invite you to try.

How does WhatsApp Transparent work?

As already mentioned, the main function of this app is to make the interface transparent. Once you install it, you will see the background of your homescreen on your mobile from any screen of this new version of WhatsApp.

Also, you will be able to see it from the contact bar, the app settings, or even while chatting with your contacts in different groups and conversations. For this to happen, all you have to do is choose the wallpaper you like best. WhatsApp Transparent is very simple, but no less competitive than other mods.

As a surprise, with this app you will also enjoy the advantage of being able to send more than a hundred photos simultaneously or to send a video with more than 1GB of capacity.

Another interesting thing is the fact that you can record voice notes of up to an hour continuous, functions that, without doubt, does not have the original version of WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp Transparent?

The most important thing now is to know how to install WhatsApp Transparent. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you should do is to keep a backup so that your conversations are not lost.
  2. Uninstall the official application from the “Settings” of the phone.
  3. Now, download the application and open it, but remember that you must have your device configured to accept the installation of other sources other than Google Play.
  4. Choose the country you belong to and start using this WhatsApp modification.

Once you take these steps, you’ll be able to send messages from a totally different environment than the one you’re used to. However, remember that the application is an unofficial creation, so we can not guarantee that your communications are completely secure.

Download WhatsApp Transparent free for Android

Now, you can download the latest WhatsApp Transparent 2020 update, the download is direct and totally free. We leave you in link so you can do it as fast as possible:

To install the app, you will most likely need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

It’s very easy, enter the settings of your mobile and you will see this option in the security settings, once you activate it you will have no problem installing this mod that has no waste.