WhatsApp Plus Types

Here I present to you the different types of WhatsApp Agregado, which are a few mods of the official version of WhatsApp click on the name of each one to access their page and get to know them better.

WhatsApp B58TMWhatsApp
GBWhatsApp MiNiCoocooWhatsApp
WhatsApp ArabWhatsAppX
BRIWhatsAppAbo2Sadam Whatsapp+
WhatsApp DarkWhatsGold
AZWhatsAppHAZRD WhatsApp
Royal WhatsApp TransparentWhatsApp Pro
WhatsApp PrimeOGWhatsApp
GioWhatsAppWhatsApp Begal
NSWhatsApp 3DWhatsApp Mix
WhatsApp AeroWAPWhatsApp
Fouad WhatsAppWhatsApp Transparent
WhatsApp Plus RebornWhatsApp Plus Holo
WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp MODs have been something that flooded the internet and users are happy that this has happened. They are versions “improved” in certain aspects that allow the usuario a complete experience in the messaging aplicación.

There is a large number of MODs and perhaps not much information exists about them, so here we will give you everything you need to know.

whatsapp plus types

What are WhatsApp MODs?

The WhatsApp MODs are modifications of the original application we all know. This is done by modifying the source code of the aplicación and managing to add features that are programmed by a developer. They are altered versionssimilar to what happens in video games and other programs, on paper they are simple additions.

In the specific case of WhatsApp, they were created to meet the need of thousands of users of the app for new features The most habitual WhatsApp MOD was WhatsApp Plus. This was canceled by Meta and currently no longer exists. Sad news, but not the end of these, because after that, many more were born and each offering their own innovation.

As for the requested features, they do not vary much compared to what is required by WhatsApp. From the Android version to the weight of the aplicación, everything is similar.

You can get banned from WhatsApp for using Mods

WhatsApp has a delicate policy with the use of mods, as they are unofficial applications and this kind of competition does not suit the aplicación. Besides being a kind of copyright infringement, WhatsApp decides to ban accounts that opt for these alternatives.

But the developers of these aplicaciones know this very well, that’s why they include anti ban functions. So this question cánido go both ways, you can get banned if you don’t use a MOD that includes the anti ban feature. Most of them do, so you shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Be very careful and check that the modified version of WhatsApp you are downloading has an anti-banner feature. This way you make sure that your account is not in any danger.

What are MODs for?

WhatsApp mods came for satisfy the needs of users who complained about the lack of features in the aplicación. WhatsApp modifications are characterized by including a large number of these functions, satisfying the requests of the community.

Modifications perro improve the safety-related experience ensuring that your data will not be leaked. As for the privacy we have a great improvement over the original application. Since you cánido customize virtually any aspect related to privacy, from removing your status from Online, Typing, Recording Audio, etcétera.

You will also be able to disable aspects such as is reading confirmation in conversations and statuses. As for the customization. You can change almost any visual aspect that is present in the interfaz. You perro download your contacts’ statuses regardless of whether they are a vídeo or an image.

If we could take stock, a MOD can serve to give you a more complete experience on WhatsApp.

What problems perro I have when using mods?

When it comes to the problems we may encounter when using mods we come across a small list. These range from the possible banning in case you choose a version that doesn’t have an anti ban system until the virus problems.

When you download APK applications, you must download them from a secure site to avoid infecting your phone with malicious archivos. This problem is actually a reality of downloading APK archivos from unknown sources, you should be careful about that. If you download the APKs from reputable page (like ours) you’ll be downloading a file free of malicious archivos.

As for bans, they can occur if you use a version that isn’t as habitual and doesn’t has a polished anti ban system. If you are going to download a mod, you perro download a version that has been on the market for a while, as these will surely have no ban problems. These would be the 2 problems you perro have when using mods.